Kids’ Safety ID Card

Sample ID card

As our teenage son was boarding the school bus again today with the tennis team to attend a match, I wondered how many of the kids had some sort of photo ID card on them or at least in their backpack or tennis bag.

Think of how many times throughout twelve years of school, your kids attend field trips, whether they ride a bus or are in another parent’s car. We all hope that nothing will ever happen but we also can’t control accidents. I was in a bus accident in high school so on the few occasions that we have allowed our son to ride a bus without seat belts, I can’t help flash back to that day.

Regardless of the vehicle, what if there was an accident? Does the parent driver in a car have a list of passengers? Chances are if the kids are riding a bus, the teacher or coach probably has a team list. However, even with a list of names, how would any policeman, fireman, or EMT know who any of these kids were in an emergency situation? A name on a list is just that–a name.

Some schools issue student photo ID cards but that usually only has their school name, their name and picture. While that is certainly better to identify someone than nothing at all or even just a name on a list, there is something else that you can and should do as a parent and it’s really simple.

  1. Take a current photo of your child.
  2. Put it in a Word document and add the following information.
    • Name
    • DOB
    • Hair color
    • Eyes
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Contact Lens Wearer?
    • Blood Type
    • Allergies?
    • Address
    • Parents’ Names and Phone Numbers
  3. Make it about the size of a credit card or driver’s license so if they carry a wallet, it can easily fit.
  4. Laminate it so it stays intact.

If you don’t feel comfortable about putting your address on there, at least put every possible phone number available so in an emergency, someone is notified as soon as possible.

While making an ID card may be obvious or to some it may be overprotective, all I can say is that no parent would ever want to have any delays in being notified if there were an accident. Having pertinent physical and necessary medical information on a photo ID card could also mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation.

Every adult who drives carries a driver’s license with all of that information. Why are we sending our kids off on field trips in any vehicle without any identification at all?

Once you make the card, remember to update it as often as necessary.

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  1. Excellent advice! Much like military ID cards :-)

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