Going Back to a Simpler Life

Due to a series of unfortunate events mixed in with personal reasons, Common Sense is telling me to take an indefinite hiatus from blogging. In fact, I’m taking it a step further and going back to a simpler life without so much technology.

I’m going to learn how to relax again.

Writing this blog has been good in a lot of ways. I hope at least one thing I said had a positive impact on you.

So for now, it’s been fun. Thanks for reading.

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Facebook Friend Request: Real Person or Not?

We’ve all received Facebook friend requests from someone we don’t know. Sometimes we can tell by looking at mutual friends who they are but other times, there are red flags that make you wonder how they found you and who they really are. Continue reading

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The Gift of Time – Revisited

As we received the re-enrollment notice for our son’s last year of high school, I started thinking again about all the parents who have kids just starting their education. Whether you want them to experience preschool or jump right into kindergarten, I wanted to share a blog that I wrote two years ago because it’s still relevant today.

It’s already that time again when schools start pre-registration for next fall. If your child is currently in school, you probably aren’t giving it much thought except to fill out the necessary forms for the next grade level. But if your child is of kindergarten age, that can be a huge turning point for the child as well as the parents. Then if your child’s birthday is in that window where you have the option of either having them start kindergarten and be the youngest or wait another year and be on the older side of their classmates, it can be an even bigger decision. Continue reading

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Lions & Tigers & Bears?

Guess What Zoo final cover (7-17-13)Could one of your favorite animals be in my next children’s book, Guess What is at the Zoo? Will there be lions and tigers and bears? Most definitely, but there will be even more!

Guess What books are written in four-line rhyming clues that lead children on a fun guessing game and learning experience. After children hear the clues, they turn the page to see the colorful illustrations and find out if they guessed correctly.

Do you know kids who love to draw, paint, or color? Their artwork could be selected as one of the illustrations in my third Guess What book. Continue reading

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2012 Year in Review

I’ve really only set two firm goals in my entire life. One was to go to cosmetology school and I still keep up my license, just because, and the other was to get a paralegal degree, which I did about 15 years after graduating from high school.

I believe more in good ideas, well thought-out plans, and keeping your eyes open for possibilities and opportunities. So even without setting specific goals, it’s been a busy year and most of what happened was the result of unexpected opportunities. Thanks for letting me share the highlights. Continue reading

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Is Self-Publishing for You? Promoting and Selling (Part 3 of 3)

You may have written a best-seller but unless you promote the book, no one will know about it. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend thousands or even hundreds to promote it effectively.

There are unlimited resources online as well as many good books that detail frugal marketing options. These are some basic tips to consider. Continue reading

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Is Self-Publishing for You? Book Design and Printing (Part 2 of 3)

Part 1 of this three-part series covered the writing and editing process. The next steps are design, format, and printing.

Whether you publish a printed book or decide to make it available in e-book only, design and format is very important. Your writing may be stellar but readers may not get the chance to read your book because your cover didn’t catch their attention. Or it caught their attention in a negative way, which made them bypass your book altogether. Continue reading

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Is Self-Publishing for You? Writing & Editing (Part 1 of 3)

Everyone has a story in them. If 2013 is the year you would like to get that book published, this three-part series may help.

With today’s advances in print-on-demand technology and endless resources at our fingertips, more people are enjoying the option of self-publishing. However, it means finding the right solution that fits your needs but not taking short cuts.

Not every author is a good writer or even a writer at all but that doesn’t mean you can’t become published. If you are not interested in writing, that is where a ghostwriter comes in. The right person can take your basic story idea and turn it into a full manuscript. The most important thing to consider is your genre. All writers are not created equal. Just because someone may be a good mystery novelist doesn’t mean they can write a children’s book.

For those who love to write, here are two tips you might consider. Continue reading

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Quick Fixes

Someone just asked me why so many college students choose quick-fix diets over long-term healthy eating.  I chuckled at the question because I thought the answer was fairly obvious.

Aside from the fact that many students entering college are on their own for the first time in their life, not having to do what mom or dad says, pushing the limits on sleep, partying, and not eating healthy or skipping meals altogether, poor nutritional habits are not isolated to college students.  It’s evident by the obesity problem in America.

The quick-fix problem lies deeper than just food choices though.  Choosing any quick fix is a sign of the times and a society downfall. Continue reading

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The No-Good Goodie Bags

I remember birthday parties as a kid.  They were usually at a friend’s house or the local park.  We would play games like pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, beanbag toss and musical chairs.  The mom would typically make a simple lunch and birthday cake. The birthday kid would open his/her presents.  We would play more games and then go home. Continue reading

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